Art Curation

In 2014,  I introduced “Fused Grants” to the Burlington Community as an innovative strategic approach to local giving. The goal was to create community by blending business, culture, non-profit, and art. It worked! Together we created food trucks, busses, vans, silos, graffiti walls, recycling containers, and portals.  These projects had the benefit of stimulating the creative economy while visually inspiring community connection and raising the mission and awareness of the non-profit.

 Multi-Level Collaborative Project Artists

Scott A. Campbell
Abby Manock
Mary Lacy
Michael Sipe Jr
Jon Young
Anthill Collective
Nick Heilig
Jozie Furchgott Sourdiffe
Sarah-Lee Terat
Tara Goreau
Wylie Sofia Garcia
Clarke Derbes
Max Hodgdon
Matthew Douglas
Bruce MacDonald
Elvira Tripp-O’Leary
James Bellizia

Art Walls | Interior Curation Artists

In 2013, I started’s  “Art Walls” program in an effort to celebrate local artists, stimulate the creative economy and inspire innovative thinking in the workplace. The program facilitated over $182,000 of art sales, with 100% going directly back to the artists. Below is a list of artists I have been fortunate to work with.

Katharine Montstream
Charlie Bluett
Sage Tucker-Ketchum
Mareva Millarc
James Vogler
John Brickels
Charlie Hudson
Rose Cherbert
Nicole Christman
Jane Ann Kantor
Megan Stearns
John Gonter
Britta Johnson
Ryan Bent
Jay Giroux
Lenny Achan
Steve Sharon
Mike Sipe
Greg Danford
Bredan McInerney
Mark Gonyea
Gary Hall
Emily Bissell Laird
Will Patlove
Emily Mitchell
Robert Brunelle Jr.
Tom Merwin
Johanne Jordan